Thank You Volunteers!

We had many wonderful volunteers and a great farm crew again this year. Sincere apologies to anyone I may have forgotten.

Thank you for making it all happen!


Alisa DeRider, Angela Piket, Brian Barber and Peggy Brown, Carmel DeMaioribus, Claire Middlemist, CSS Dignitas classes, Dave and Pam Benson, Deanne Roquet,           Doug Paulson and Deborah Adele, Frannie Weber, Geiger Yount, Jamie Harvie and Nan Sudak, Jodie Cope, Joe Lindgren, Karen and Royal Alworth, Laura Davis, Louise and Morris Levy, Marla Peterson, Pam Nelson and Mike Racette, Pam Schwartau, Patricia Clure, Paul Steklenski, Robert and Lorraine Turner, Rollie, Tracy, Hannah and Jonah Bockbrader, Russ and Karen Smith, Sandy, Betsy and Annie Dugan, Tom Eling

Farm Crew

Adam Kemp, Ann Peterson, Dave Hanlon, Jeanne Jewell, John, Jane and Janaki Fisher-Merritt, Ruth Ofstedal, Teri Sackmeister and Ben Fisher-Merritt



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