Fresh Foliage and a Battery Operated Tractor

I really do enjoy this time of year as the foliage looks so fresh and full of promise!  I always find it far easier to appreciate the early stages of plant development during Spring. The beauty of the foliage is so obvious at this time of the year; I am reeling in amazement at how differently things can look so quickly!

It is truly astounding how the greenhouses can feel empty one moment and overwhelmingly full the next. The permanent greenhouse is loaded with a few different types of lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, beets, and spinach.

The tomato tunnel is also beginning to fill out with both the first and second planting of tomatoes in the ground. The third and last planting of greenhouse tomatoes should be in by early next week.

Our transplant greenhouse is pretty much completely full with all of our pepper, outside tomato, leek, fourth and fifth planting of brassica, and newly germinated squash plants.

 John thought it wouldn’t hurt to mention that there should be roughly 100 extra greenhouse tomato plants for sale if anybody is looking to fill out their own greenhouse with our choice variety that is bred for prolific production and does very well in our climate.


Since the snow has melted, we have been able to work the ground and as of now have three plantings of brassica in and under row cover in the field. In other fields we have early potatoes, as well as onions, peas, and the first planting of carrots and kale.CAM00275

With the cold weather, rain, and clouds, the plants are small and could definitely use some more sunshine. Since we’ve been unable to “get in the field” there has been time to work on more projects! One of them has been converting one of the tractors to electric. By taking off the motor we are taking another step in becoming a more sustainable farm and putting the solar panels’ energy to good use.

The chickens are braving the weather and to my excitement their replacements as well as this season’s meat birds have arrived!





So, all we need now is warm weather, a nice breeze, lots of sunshine, and moderate rainfall and the season should be incredible.

For the farm crew,


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