Upcoming Events (and a few cute photos)

We’re hosting an awesome art and music event at the farm this Saturday, the 19th, from 2-5pm called høle in the skY with Kathy McTavish and Zeitgeist New Music. The full press release and more information is available here, and here’s a brief summary:
“Saint Paul-based music group Zeitgeist and Duluth composer/cellist/environmentalist Kathy McTavish join forces March 19 for a special presentation of McTavish’s chamber work  at the Food Farm in Wrenshall, Minn. Featuring electronic and acoustic music, video, and an interactive exhibition,høle in the skY will transform the Food Farm’s expansive root cellar into a pre-apocalyptic world where extinction is imminent and our ecosystem is on the verge of collapse.”

When’s the last time you saw something like that in a root cellar?

Also, we’ll be at the Local CSA Open House this Sunday the 20th from 2-5pm at Clyde Iron. Stop by and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood, drop off your renewal form if you haven’t sent it in yet, or send friends and neighbors down if they’d like to meet their future farmers before signing up.

And for those of you who keep asking, I’ve included a few Truman photos as well…

That’s all for now, time to get back to the greenhouse!
For the farm crew,

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Food Farm Slow TV

Ever wanted a behind the scenes look at how your vegetables are grown, packed, and delivered? Well, you’re in luck–this season we* will be releasing a series of minimally-edited videos that show the farm crew engaged in the repetitive jobs that add up to something beautiful. The first was shot on our February Winter Share packing day. Action-packed? Mmmm, no. Oddly compelling? Well, we think so. Enjoy!

*Who is “we”? Your farmers wouldn’t know the first thing about how to do this, but fortunately our friend (and farm member) Mike Scholtz thinks weird farm videos are mesmerizing (he calls it agsploitation). Mike’s other work finds the heart and humor in subjects like Viking reenactors and competitive jigsaw puzzling.

Broccoli preserving shares available!

Now’s the time to order preserving quantities, so you can eat great broccoli all winter!

This heat has brought two plantings on at once, so we have plenty available for freezing. Even if you haven’t done it before, it’s quite easy. However, it won’t last long–call the farm ASAP and we can deliver to one of our pickup sites this Thursday. Friday delivery can also be arranged. The cost is $48 for a 25 lb box.

Final Kickstarter update

Howdy folks,

We fell short of the $25,000 goal we were seeking for our innovative root cellar project but a lot of good education came of the process. There are many more people out there who understand that it’s possible for our community to feed itself and that if we invest in projects like this it can make a positive impact in our community.

In the last month, 2500 people visited the Kickstarter page and watched the informative video, and about 50 actually came to the farm to see construction in progress last Saturday.

As Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising website, the farm will not receive any of the funds pledged. However, our plan going forward is to get “back to basics” and ask folks who pledged on the Kickstarter site to simply donate to the farm directly instead. The silver lining is that being outside of the Kickstarter process eliminates some fees, so your donations actually go a little bit farther when they go directly to the farm.

Two ways to donate:

1) Send a check made out to “Food Farm” to 2612 County Road 1, Wrenshall, 55797

2) Send your donation electronically by clicking the donate button below!


Finally, if you’d like to claim one of the rewards we were offering through Kickstarter, fill out this form! Thank you!

Basic construction is nearly over, now we just need back fill, ventilation, and refrigeration to complete the vision!

Basic construction is nearly over, now we just need back fill, ventilation, and refrigeration to complete the vision!


We got the storage planting of potatoes in yesterday, had our official launch party for the Kickstarter campaign, and we are happy to be getting some rain. Also, the barley and peas planted on the new land across the road is up and in a few months will be feeding Yker Acres pork with local grain!